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PL 2000 Mystery Photos

    Who are these people? Well, that is the purpose of this page, for you to guess.

    Got A Light? Each week for one year on the PL E-Mail group, we have featured a new photo that has been sent in by one of our members. In most cases the E-Mail group was able to figure out who they are, but some we are still stumped on.

    Photos are of our 1960's from Cairo. Won't you join in and take a look at some of these "Classic" photos?

    Our Show Girls!

    Note! These photos have been submitted to the PL2 site for display on the PL2 site by the owner of the photo. It is requested that you not place these photos on other web sites without our permission and the permission of the owner of the photo.

    There is a number above each photo, clicking on the photo will give you a larger sized image to view. At the bottom of each of the two picture pages is a link to a list of who appears in each photo that the PL E-Mail group has been able to identify.

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