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Historic Cairo

The Church Of The Redeemer - Episcopal

The first Episcopal church building was erected in the 400 block of 14th Street. The foundation of the church was partly laid when it was destroyed by the flood of 1858. Reconstruction was started and completed in 1862 and was immediately occupied by the government during the Civil War as a hospital. Occasional services were held and the building was consecrated in 1864. The original church building on 14th Street was sold to be held in trust for St. Michael Mission(colored Episcopal). Eventually the building was sold to the Roman Catholic diocese of Belleville for use as St. Columba's Church and School (for colored) for many years before being closed. The present Church of The Redeemer(Episcopal) is known to be the second oldest church in Cairo being constructed on the corner of 6th and Washington Avenue in 1886. The building was finished in 1888 at a cost of $30,899.49, including furnishings and memorials.

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