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Historic Cairo

Cairo Baptist Church

    In 1880, sixteen people met to organize the Cairo Baptist Church, but the actual beginning was in 1878 when a Sunday School started in Turner Hall on the corner of Tenth and Poplar. Although the congregation was small and financial resources slim, Turner Hall was bought in 1881 and began the first of the three buildings that would serve the church. As true with all churches in Cairo during this time, the congregation grew and the framed building was moved to face Tenth Street to allow for construction of a new brick church building. The new structure was ready for use in 1894, but was destroyed by fire in 1897. The church then met in Safford Lodge with the promise to build a larger and more beautiful edifice. The present church building was built on the ruins and dedicated on Jan. 9, 1898. Reverend Larry Potts became the 21st pastor of Cairo Baptist Church in 1960 and continues today.

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