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Historic Cairo

First Christian Church

The Rev. George C. Miller, a former chaplain in the Union Army during the Civil War, came to Cairo in the Spring of 1866. He delivered his first sermon in a Baptist Church on 19th Street. His next sermons were delivered at the Alexander County Courthouse assisted by Elder H.D. Banteau from DeSoto, who conducted baptismal services. The results generated in a group who organized the First Christian Church. The first church site was located on the North side of 18th Street between Washington and Walnut which was donated to them. Lack of funds was a constant plague and for 2 years, the members sat on planks held up by blocks or boxes in a small framed building. Because of the lack of funds and doubt as to their legal ownership of the land, the lots were sold. Two members, determined to save the church, made a covenant to "meet every Lord's Day to break bread and to pray." They arranged to redeem the church building and in December, it was moved to their new lots on 16th and Poplar Streets...the present location.

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