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    What is a guest bio?

    It is where we will display the bio of anyone who attended CHS at anytime regardless of if they graduated from CHS during the 1960's or not.

    The only requirement is that you attended CHS during the period of 1925-1980.

    If you wish to submit your bio to this section, we will place it on the site along with a photo from the yearbook for the last year at CHS you attended as well as a current photo and bio information you submit. You will need to provide the photos. See our regular bio page for information on submitting your bio and photo.

    Guest bio's available:

    Richard "Dickie" Kearney, 61

    Billy Anglin, 67

    Carolyn Arnhart Sheffer, 67

    Pam Williams Gier, 68

    Rheta Casper Bentley, 66

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