Pilot Light 2000: Cairo High School Alumni From The 1960's 

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Greetings And Welcome To The "Pilot Light 2000" Memories Page! 

The Home Page For Cairo High School Alumni From The "1960's". 
It all began September 9, 2000 With The Creation Of The E-Mail Group.
The Pilot Light 2000 Web Site Was Officially Opened on February 1, 2001.

To celebrate the First anniversary for Pilot Light 2000, we have created a special Flash Presentation about our Cairo High School as it was during the 1960's. And we have on display several letters from PL2000 members that have been sent to the group during this first year that PL2000 has been active.


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To view this show, you must have a computer or a system that will run the Flash software that is provided for free by Macromedia. This Flash software is a "plug-in" that runs and displays the movie within your web browser.

If you do not have Flash, then you can Get the Flash plug-in By Clicking Here . It is easy to install, only takes a minute and instructions are provided at the Macromedia site.

About The Presentation:


  1. It is a large file, it is 1.18mb in size and with a 36000 phone modem connection you can expect it to take @ 8 minutes for the download. Slightly longer or quicker depending on your connection speed during the download.
  2. If after 10 minutes or longer, the show has not loaded. Your phone modem connection has probably stalled. Hit refresh to start the load over.
  3. The show is 3 minutes and 32 seconds in length and contains 58 images and includes music and sounds.
  4. Once you load the movie the first time, it will load much quicker the next time if you view the show again.
  5. Once the show has loaded and played the first time, IT WILL repeat after a pause of @ 20 seconds once the music stops. To exit the show you must hit the back button or close your browser.
  6. We RECOMMEND that you allow the movie to repeat. This will synchronize the images with the music better. Some systems will play the show the first time in a sluggish manner.
  7. You will note that initially this show is not actually located on the PL2000 site. We have it located off site temporarily and will move it later. This will save bandwidth from the PL2000 site, we have a monthly limit.

    NOTE: We have extensively tested this show on over 20 systems, (P200-P1.7mhz) it works great except for some older systems (p200-450) with sluggish play the first time as noted above.
Click Here For The PL2000 Anniversary Show - ENJOY!



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