Lynn Simmons      Pat, 61 Lynn Rae Currier, 68 Webster
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Lynn Rae Currier Webster, Class of '68:

Most of you will remember me as "Karen's little sister" or "the little Currier girl who ran away from home"! Yes, I am both of those! As you will recall, Bobby Simmons and I eloped in the middle of my sophomore year in 1965. I was 15. The purported reason for that marriage wasn't born until November of 1968! I guess I set a record for being married and unpregnant! At any rate, I am the mother of that "trendsetting" baby, Bradley Joe Simmons. He has blessed my life with two grandchildren, Sunnie Suzanne in 1992 and Zachary Jacob in 2000. Although that marriage didn't last, his father and I are very proud of him and his family. Over the years, as most of the CHSers left Cairo, I remained and worked in various office positions in either the legal or manufacturing industries. In 1988, I accepted a sales position with WKYQ Radio in Paducah, Ky as the Southern Illinois Sales Representative. Over the next 12 years, I wore out 9 cars and broke all sales records in the history of WKYQ! After holding the Top Biller status for 3 consecutive years, I decided to retire while I was still on top. In 1998, two years before I left radio, I became an Independent Beauty Consultant for Mary Kay Cosmetics, a position which I still hold today. On Jan. 1, 2000, Pat Webster and I were married. We are the proud parents of 3 Yorkshire Terrier "terrors" and one cat, all of whom are female. Pat says he doesn't stand a chance in this female- dominated household! We attend First Southern Baptist Church here in Cairo, where I serve on the Church Council and the Decorating Committee. In fact, Pat loves to tell people that I put a garland of roses on top of the toilet seat. NOT!!! My hobbies include spending time with my grandchildren, candlemaking, Pilot Light 200 and (you guessed it!) decorating.