Ralph Thomas

Summer 1967: Went to SIU.

Fall 1967: Joined the Marching Salukis where I met some musicians and played in a band called Heavywater D2O and continued in school non-stop through Sum '68.

Fall 1968: Took a 4 month break. Joined a USO Troop and toured Europe for 4 months playing bass. (They didn't need a sax so I auditioned on electric bass and got the gig.)

Jan. 1969 Back to school through Summer of 1970.

Sept. 1970: Quit school to play music full time in Chicago with Big Muddy. Met my wife in October of 1970. Our band played a bunch of great gigs throughout the midwest from Minn/St. Paul to New Orleans at Al Hirts Club. Got engaged in March 1971, got fired from the band in April, (they asked me to come back later) got married Sept. 4th 1971 and went back to SIU.

1972: Left school again to play in Coal Kitchen in Champaign, Ill.

1973: Back to Chicago and Big Muddy. We released an album on the Paramount Label. Did studio work for Curtis Mayfield and others.

1974: "We" got pregnant..Came back to Cairo where I worked at Pete Thomas Ford, Lincoln, Mercury until August 1981. During that time Peter and Abby were born.

1981: Moved to Jackson, TN. Co-owned and managed a music store 6 months. Worked as a service writer 6 months. Sold radio advertising for 19 years! Lead a band all that time. Carol and I became active church members at First Presbyterian. She taught Jr. High Sunday School, I taught Sr. Highs. We became ordained in the Chuck Colsen Prison Fellowship Ministry.

November 2000: Moved to Jacksonville, Fl for a better radio gig. _played a lot of music while in Florida in a band called Mid-Life Crisis.

December 2004 moved back to Jackson, TN to work at my original radio station, this time as General Sales Manager. My music playing consists of the jazz group that Kyle and I have called The Leonard Small Situation. We play at a local jazz joint here called Fish Notes. Carol is office manager at AquaTherapies.

There ya go. That's about as short and sweet as I could make it.

Our kids are grown up. Peter is a manager and trainer for Lone Star Steakhouses currently in Jackson, TN. He's been married and divorced, now has a wonderful girl friend, has two dogs and 1 cat. Abby graduated from Lambuth Univ. in Biology. Got married in September of 2004 to her best buddy, Jim Peterson. We're crazy about him too. They live in Franklin, TN where she works in research, and he is inside sales manager for Big Time Toys.