Ken Gunn & Family

Left to right:
Jason Gunn & wife Robin, Ken & wife Pat, Ethan, Chloe, daughter Julie and husband Richard Wright.

    It has been a pleasure and a lot of fun for me being the Webmaster for the PilotLight2000 web site. It has been a labor of love so to speak and my reward has been meeting old friends again and finding that we all have a common kinship as a result of our having grown up in Cairo. This is a unique bond that I am pleased to be a part of and I consider all of you as family.

    Now about me and my family:

    After graduating in 1967, entered the Army in June 67. Served two tours of duty in Vietnam, serving with the ASA. During this overseas service, had the pleasure to see many places I would otherwise not have had the opportunity to visit. Singapore, Thailand, Australia, Philippines, Japan, Hawaii & others that I forget :) and of course the US also from NJ to CA.

    Returning from Nam to the States I was assigned to Arlington, VA just outside of Washington, D.C. There I met my wife, Patricia McCoy in May of 1970. Pat was working as a computer programmer for the Veterans Administration. She was born and raised in West Virginia, graduating from Parkersburg High School in 1967 in a class of 1,200 students . Can you believe the size of that class! No :) she is not related to the "Hatfield & McCoy's" of West Virginia. We were married in November 1970.

    At this time I was assigned to and learning computer programming. I was also considering the Army as a career. Later I was assigned to the Army CID in administration which was also located in D.C.

    With the birth of our daughter Julie in 1973, I began to see things differently and changed my mind about an Army career. After 7 1/2 years of service, I was discharged in 1975 and we moved to Parkersburg, WV which is Pat's home town. I must tell you that Pat was not thrilled by this idea, however I fell in love with this area. A lot like Cairo in my opinion only larger with hills in place of miles of flat land. Our home is located 7 miles south of Parkersburg in a community called Washington. George slept here once they say :) And, we are two tenths of a mile from the Ohio river and have a local flock of geese that live here year round that fly over our house regularly. I have lived next to the Ohio river for the majority of my life.

    I was employed by St. Joseph's Hospital and completed training as a paramedic. This was in 1975 when emergency medicine was still in its infancy. Very few people realize that West Virginia was one of the first states to offer this paramedic certification. That is one of the reasons we moved to WV rather than staying in VA. It was a few years later before VA offered this type of degree. EMS, a very enjoyable fast paced profession, extremely rewarding work - pay stinks though!

    In 1980 I changed jobs and started to work for Borg Warner Chemicals. It is now General Electric Plastics as GE bought BW in the early 1990's. By choice I work shift work on rotating 12 hour shifts. In fact I have turned down straight day work because this 12 hour shift allows us more time off than a regular day shift job would. What do we make? We make ABS plastic and resins. This plastic and resin is used in one form or another in just about everything that you buy from plastic bags to bumpers on cars. You are looking at some of our resin/plastic right now. Your monitor :)

    Like many of you, I have very fond memories of Cairo and the childhood we enjoyed there. It was indeed a very unique place to grow up. Filled with many nice people, it always brings a smile to my face when I think of "Home" and the way it was.

    My last visit to Cairo had been in 1979 when I moved my parents to WV to live near me. My father passed away in 1987 at age 77 and my mother passed in 1995 at age 75.

    I attended the PL2000 picnic in May 2001 and I thoroughly enjoyed seeing old friends. What a wonderful visit, not because of Cairo, that made me sad to see how the town has evolved, but because of the renewed friendships as a result of PL2000. I'm hooked now on PL2000! I look forward to the reunions and gatherings that we as PL2000 can have together.

    We have two children, Julie born in 1973 at Walter Reed in D.C. and Jason born in 1976 in Parkersburg.

    Julie graduated from Concord College with an English Education degree. She is married to Richard Wright from Parkersburg and they have two children, Chloe and Ethan. They currently live in North Carolina.

    Jason is a Doctor, Internal Medicine, and is currently in a fellowship to specialize in a couple other areas of medicine. His wife is Robin Pawley, from Bluefield, WV who he met during his last year of Med school. They currently live in Chicago.

    My interests have been many but my favorite hobby has always been computers. Simply amazed at what these little machines will let you create. Our family has always been "wired" and hardly a day goes by that we do not communicate with our children, family and friends via the net. In 2003 I started playing golf, I now wonder why I didn't start playing earlier as it is a lot of fun! Don't have to play well, it is just nice being with friends out on the course.

    Pat and I both volunteer at the hospital. Pat is at the information desk, I work in the Emergency Department.

    We have a web site, click here to visit , that includes information about our family including pictures, a section devoted to our grandchildren, our genealogy research plus Christmas Flash Presentations I created. We hope that sometime you will visit and look around.