Ron & Kathy Peterson &

Ron & Kathy Peterson & Family, names below:

Back: Steven, Kristina, David Alan (16)
Middle: Bailey Kristen (18), Christopher (6) with C.J., Kathy, Shawn, Tina
Bottom: Chelsea Mae (16) with Maximillian, Gabriel (3) with Buddy Gene, Ron with Miss Runt

Katharine Krenning

Hello from Indianapolis, IN!!!

Over the past few years, I have found that to write in "billet" format is a lot easier for me than an essay or report. Besides, that's the way I think and talk - disjointed and in incomplete sentences.

.. Graduated Cairo High 1964
.. Attended Murray State College 1964 - 1966
.. Married Ron Peterson from Decatur, IL , June 1967
.. Daughter, Kristina Marie, born Murray, KY, May 1968
.. Moved to Bloomington, IN, 1969 after Ron received his Master's in physics
.. Daughter, Ronda Kathleen, born in Bloomington, IN, March 1973
.. Daughter, Ronda Kathleen, died in Indianapolis, Riley Hospital, May 1973
.. Baptized into Christ February 1974
.. Son, Shawn Edward, born May 1974
.. Moved to Indianapolis, IN 1980
.. Went to work for Naval Avionics Center 1980; promoted several times from lowly clerk typist, to "just" a division secretary, to department secretary, finally administrative assistant
.. Between 1979 and present, traveled all over country with Ron and to London and Nuremberg
.. First grandson, David Alan Yates III, born November 1990
.. Kristina's first husband killed in car accident in February 1991
.. Back surgery, 1993; foot surgery, 1995
.. Kristina married again in 1995 and gained a husband and two beautiful step-daughters
.. Shawn married (a red head!!) in August 1995 - has two daughters - Sadie Marie (2) and
.. Lexie Ann (1 ) (they are miniature pinschers - hence, the reason for the closeness in age!!)
.. Built a house and moved in January 1998 (Kris and husband bought our old 5 bedroom, 2 bath, family, living, dining, house)
.. Retired from Raytheon, June 1998
.. Second grandson, Christopher Scott, (Critter), born September 1999 to Kristina and Steven
.. Entire family active in church activities and worship at the Franklin church of Christ, Franklin, IN
.. Three oldest grandchildren - Bailey (13), David (11), and Chelsea (11) have all in the last three months accepted Jesus as Savior and have been baptized for forgiveness of sins. Not too proud of them!
.. Ron ready to retire -- again. Already a "double- dipper". Likes the income, so, may never retire.
.. Staying home now as a homemaker, wife, chief cook and bottle washer (NOT!) Heavily involved in work for church benevolence and crocheting baby afghans for all the wee ones and playing with Critter
.. Youngest son - Buddy - (a Shih Tzu) keeps me out of trouble and off the streets
.. Am able to see Kristina and family and Shawn and Tina whenever we want - 5 and 10 minutes away. That's a blessing.

As you can see, my life has been pretty simple. Ron and I have both lost our parents and we have had some hard times, but God has blessed us, and we have more today in terms of spiritual wealth than we could have ever imagined.

God bless you all!