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Judith Ann Hawf              Todd and Judi Jackson

Todd & Judi Jackson

Todd graduated from Cairo High School in 1959. Judy Hawf graduated in 1960. Judy and I were married October 8, 1960. We stayed in Cairo for a couple of years and then we decided to move to Mobile Alabama. We were down there for about six months before I found out that there were no jobs available. So we moved back to Cairo and I went to work for Blankenships Auto Parts. I worked there for about five years and everybody said come to Florida, so we did. I didn't have a job when we got here but I found one right away. I worked for a Buick dealership in the Parts Department for about a year. I was then asked to work for an Auto Parts store which I did. Our first Child Debbie, was born and she was six months old when we moved to Florida. I worked at the Auto Parts store for a few years and then I started work for the Fire Department. By then we had our second child, Mary. I worked my way through the ranks Firefighter, Driver, Lieutenant, Captain and then Chief. Our third child Michael was born in 1970 and our fourth, Chris in 1977. Judy went to work for Bell South Telephone and worked there for 30 years.

In 1984 I had my first heart attack. I retierd and in 1990 I had another heart attack. In 1999 I had another and they decided I needed a Transplant. I received a new heart in 1999 and I have adjusted very well since.

I have always been a musician. During my high school days I played in a band called "The Bosin Pipes" and other smaller bands around Cairo. I also played in Bands in Florida. I formed my own band and played all over Palm Beach and Broward counties. I had a lot of fun playing for different people. Judy was a band widow in those days. She never complained. Judy and I have four wonderful children and six grandchildren. Sometime I'll have to show you home movies of them. I'm sure you will enjoy them. We have a great life and are truly grateful to the Lord for the many blessings we have. One of the blessings is Hanna Nichole Jackson, our latest grandchild. She is a wonderful child and she really loves her grandparents. Even though at the time of this writting, she is only seven months old she has told us both that she loves us. Isn't that great!