PL 2000 Bio Submission Form Page

    Use this On-line submission form to notify Vicki that you wish to submit a bio. Simply fill in your name, email address and the year and click on the "mail now" button at the bottom. The form will go to Vicki who will send you an email with 5 questions that you can answer and send back to her for inclusion on your page at the PL2000 site.

    **NOTE** Please allow 24 hours for Vicki to respond to your request.

    When you receive the email from Vicki you can simply hit "reply" in your mail program, answer the questions and add your comments; then send it back to Vicki. It is that simple!

    Fill in your name, address and year then push the mail now button.

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    Year you graduated (or would have graduated from CHS)

    Thanks for contacting us, Vicki will send you a bio form to fill out soon!

    Click on the "Mail Now" button just once. It may take a few moments to send so please be patient.