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Cairo Bands of the 1960's

The Ram Rods

Ron McQueen (lead guitar), Don Dickerson (tenor saxophone), Buddy Mitchell (drums) & David Wise (bass guitar).
The Ram Rods entertained from 1962 to 1963.

The Counts

The Counts consisted of Kyle Lehning, Buddy Mitchell, Ralph Thomas and Don Dickerson. They entertained during noontime at CHS and at special events from 1964-1965.
This photo was taken at a basketball game in the CHS gym.


The Counts entertain students during noontime hour in the CHS auditorium.

The Road Runners 1964-1965

Nick Rednour (drums), Don Dickerson (sax), Charlie Sullivan (bass guitar),
Neil Needham (guitar). Hidden from view-Kyle Lehning (keyboard)

The Road Runners 1965-1966

Neil Needham, Charlie Sullivan, Leon Murphy, Kyle Lehning & Don Dickerson

1965 CHS Spring Formal

The Road Runners

Charlie Sullivan, Neil Needham, Leon Murphy, Don Dickerson & Kyle Lehning.

The ModS

The Mods, a very popular rock 'n roll band during the sixties,
playing at The House of Mods. From left to right: Charlie Sullivan, Neil Needham, John Steinhouse, Don Dickerson & Kyle Lehning.

"The House Of Mods"

The ModS Mobile

Bully & The Apple Jacks 1966-1967

Lonnie Burris, Martin Powers, Terry Thompson & Robert Lyman

The Max (1968)

After the break-up of The Mods,
another rock 'n roll group banded together...
The Max. From left to right clockwise: Don Dickerson, John Steinhouse, Darrell Gustafson, Mike Carr, Bryan Young (Anna, IL), John Spomer & Ralph Thompson (Mounds, IL).

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