Light 2000

Photos taken during the Mod's benefit dance October 1, 2004

    Photos were received from various sources and in various sizes, some from digital cameras, some are scans.

The Mods & Judy Clutts

Pat & Lynn Webster

The Yarbrough's

Brooks High, Carole Ann & Brinley Churchill

Angela McKee & Larry Cooper

Marianne Karcher & Barbara Klein

Vicki Barnett Toler & Janice Clancy Osgood

Bonnie McKee

Duke Jones & Kenny Moore

Inez Donnigan

Kyle, Ralph, Ernie & Don

Pat Sullivan, Louie Junkerman & Jack Guetterman

Steve Bryant, Jack Buie, Janice Clancy, Marianne Karcher & Karen Trexler

Roy Davis & Bob Conroy

Mary Jane Parker & Carole Ann Parker Churchill

Judy & Ernie Nordman

Karen Trexler & Jack Buie

Ken & Penny Farris

Jack Gutterman & Larry Cooper

Paul Farris & Donna Hoppe Farris

Brinley Churchill & Corky Trexler

Bob Sullivan & Steve Taylor

Larry Adams

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