Light 2000

Photos taken during the Mod's benefit dance June 26, 2004

    Photos were received from various sources and in various sizes, some from digital cameras, some are scans.

The One And Only "MODS"

Steve Bryant & Bob Conroy

Carole Parker Churchill, Diane Furgerson, and Diane Kniffen

Donald & Janis Merideth, Judy Clutts

Catharine Buie, Judy Williams, Amy Ent

Kyle & Don

Jack Buie & Brinley Churchill

? & Anna Marie Spence

Kyle Lehning, Fred Ent Lehning & Neil Needham

Jan Clancy

Jim Spence & Vicki

Joanie & Duke Jones

Judy & Steve Williams

Oscar Phelps & Jim Spence

Patty Rich, Mary Jane Parker, and niece, Robin Bearden

Trish Thompson, Pat Stone, Carolyn Burton & Alda Beth Sackberger

Class of "69"
Sherry Robinson Fugate, Patricia Stone Wood, Loarna Shuemaker Key,
Debbie Cerny Spomer, Becky Collins Howell, David Hodges,
Sharon Burton Manker, Alda Beth Sackberger Davis, Judy Dunker Wadley

Sunnie Simmons, Lynn and Pat Webster

Steve Yarbrough & Steve Spomer

Sherry, Sharon Burton Manker and Carolyn Burton Thomas

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