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Pilot Light 2000 CHS Alumni 2nd Annual Picnic
St. Mary's Park, Cairo, IL, September 1, 2002

    Cairo was ready, signs welcoming CHS graduates home were in place at both ends of the city. St. Mary's Park was green and trimmed and the Park Pavilion was in perfect shape awaiting our arrival. Greeted by bright blue skies with a light breeze the scene was set with a perrrfect location and conditions for the picnic.

    Every attempt was made to capture everyone who attended in one or more photos taken during the picnic. With so many people coming and going, we know we have missed a few. A list of those who attended the picnic, dance and reunion during the weekend is available below. If we left your name off of the list please let us know.

    We hope we got you in one of our pictures...

    To our dismay, we never thought to take a group photo of CHS Alumni present this day for the picnic. Well, we thought of it but not until the next day! That won't happen again... sorry....

At both entrances to Cairo, graduates were welcomed home!

The park and the pavilion were in perfect condition for the picnic

The picnic committee had everything in its place ready to party...

The Pilot Light 2000 web site was present.
Ken & Vicki with spouses Pat and Rick.

There was a lot of waving going on as old friends arrived to have fun.
Jack Buie waves to the crowd...

    A list of those who attending the reunion, dance & picnic this weekend is available by Clicking Here

    There are 6 additional pages of photos taken at the picnic. Allow a moment or two for them to load.

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