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Pilot Light Benefit Dance For Charlie Sullivan
Elks Club, Cairo, IL, August 31, 2002

    The Elks Club on 8th St. was the site of a benefit dance for Charlie Sullivan hosted by the "Mod's" & Pilot Light 2000.

    Immediately following the Class of 67 reunion, beginning at 8 p.m. the Elks Club was quickly overflowing with an estimated 200 plus attending the dance.

    As a result of T-Shirt sales, Brick raffle tickets (the winner was Steve Bryant, class of 63) and donations, the event was a complete success and a great time for all who attended.

    The band members who donated their time are Randy Wimberly, Neil Needham, John Steinhouse, Don Dickerson, Kyle Lehning and Ralph Thomas. Star Wimberly was the back-up singer. Everyone in attendence agreed that the "Mod's" sounded great and had a great show for those who danced and those who simply listened to the music.

    On the following two pages are photos taken during the dance.

    Please note the following regarding the photos:

    Many people who attended the dance are not pictured. They either arrived or left between our photo taking sessions or simply avoided our picture taking efforts. If we missed getting you in one of the photos, it is not because we didn't try.

    The Elks Club was very dark and presented a problem in capturing good quality photos. The photos displayed have been enhanced and brightened. As a result they may appear grainy or cloudy.

    With the overflow crowd this made taking photographs even more difficult for fear of blinding someone with the flash :)

    Following are two pages, each contains 11 photos and may take a moment to load...

    Dance Photos Page 1

    Dance Photos Page 2

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