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2005 Mega Reunion

    Numerous photos have been taken, it will take some time for us to receive all of them and to prepare them for display on the web site.

    We will be adding photos as they come in, so keep your eye on the site as it will be updated frequently during the next few weeks.

    Some photos are being hosted on other sites due to bandwidth limitations.

    NOTE: If you have photos to send to Ken please read the info below the current photo list.

    Photos now available for viewing Click To View:

    02-11-06 There are 28 (**) pages of photos available to view. PLUS Class and Teacher group photos taken Saturday night:

    ** 19 photos submitted by Martin Jones, our Australia guy!

    ** 9 photos submitted by Joe Upshaw, library trip

    ** Class Photos Click Here

    ** 8 photos submitted by Judy Dunker Wadley

    ** 20 photos submitted by Pam Henry Safriet

    ** 21 photos submitted by Bly Williams Trinrud

    ** 34 photos submitted by Emily Oehler Taflinger

    38 Photos submitted by Pam Holmes Upshaw on 2 separate pages, use links below:

    ** Page 1, 20 photos from Pam

    ** Page 2, 18 photos from Pam

    ** 21 photos submitted by Becky Collins Howell

    31 photos submitted by Ellen Rose Mertz on 2 separate pages, use links below:

    ** Page 1, 11 photos taken Friday night

    ** Page 2, 20 photos taken Saturday during the visit to the Cairo Public Library

    89 photos submitted by Carole Parker Churchill on 3 separate pages, use links below:

    ** Page 1, 30 photos from Carole

    ** Page 2, 30 photos from Carole

    ** Page 3, 29 photos from Carole

    ** 15 photos submitted by Lynn Currier Webster

    ** 20 photos submitted by Syd Egan

    ** 29 photos submitted by Susan Haslauer Bryant

    ** 1 photo submitted by Mary Krouskos

    ** 11 photos submitted by Richard Kearney

    59 photos submitted by Vicki Barnett on 3 separate pages, use links below:

    ** Page 1 21 photos taken during Friday registration

    ** Page 2 12 photos taken during "gather & gab" Friday night

    ** Page 3 26 photos taken during Awards, Banquet & Dance Saturday night

    ** 9 photos submitted by Howard Thomas

    ** 9 photos submitted by Joe Trexler

    ** 7 photos submitted by Todd Jackson

    68 Photos submitted by Ken Gunn on 3 separate pages, use links below:

    ** Page 1 31 photos taken during registration & Friday night

    ** Page 2 31 more photos taken Friday night at "gather & gab"

    ** Page 3 6 photos, golf outing Saturday morning

    Photo Taken by pool Saturday afternoon, unknown couple



    If you have taken photos and wish to share them with your classmates (AND WE HOPE YOU WILL!) PLEASE READ!

    Please contact Ken Gunn via email at kengunn@casinternet.net or Vicki Barnett Toler at jtoler@brtc.net

    The best method to get your photos to us is if you could burn them onto a CD and mail them to Ken. By contacting Ken he will provide you with his home mailing address.

    If you are unable to burn a cd, you can likely go to WalMart or other photo facilities and they can burn a CD from your memory card for you. If that fails, please contact us by email and we can discuss other methods to get the photos onto the site.

    We plan to display a lot of photos, hundreds possibly, so that we will capture everybody in a photo who attended the reunion. YOUR photos are important, please share them with the group.

    Any questions, problems, we can work with you to get the photos to us, just send us an email or give us a call. Working together we will add a super new section to the site to celebrate a super reunion...

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