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Site Opened on February 1, 2001.

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The Home Page For Cairo High School Alumni From The "1960's". 

As the decade of the 1960's began, many of the baby boomers were enjoying their teenage years, many were entering a new beginning, and some were still playing on the grounds at grade school. This web site will cover all ten years from 1960 through 1969 through the eyes of Cairo High School alumni.

The "sixties" saw many events including: The Civil Rights Movement, The Free Speech Movement, The Viet Nam War, the invasion of the Beatles, and man walking on the moon. All of these happenings took place in an era of enduring change, but as you walk through the "Pilot Light 2000" , you will notice that the changes that were taking place in the world had little effect in the halls of CHS.

forex trading in dubai The only differences you may notice are the hairstyles, dress, and graceful aging of faculty. Cairo High during the "sixties" was a time when circling the "Pit" and parking on the levee was not only necessary as a teenager, but considered "groovy". With the introduction of the "Twist" from recording artist, Chubby Checker, dance styles varied from year to year. Dancing at Oriac (teen-town) saw such dances as: "The Swim, Mashed Potatoes, The Jerk, and, of course, "good ole rock and roll". Music was usually provided by local bands such as: The Boson Pipes, The Rebel Rousers, Ram Rods or The Mods.

Sports played a big part in Cairo High students' activities. From football in the fall, basketball in the winter, track, golf, and baseball in the spring, sports were always in full swing at CHS. Led by the spirited cheerleaders, the fans encouraged the Pilots to victories and shared in the agony of defeat. Sports activities, around the calendar, were an important occasion for any CHS student to witness or participate.

For those of you who didn't have the pleasure of growing up in Cairo, Illinois, and attending CHS during the sixties decade, you missed an opportunity to experience the "Norman Rockwell" existence. It was in fact, a special place in a special time. "Pilot Light 2000" has given us the opportunity to rekindle friendships that were lost by the wayside and spark new acquaintances with those who also shared in the memories of growing up in Cairo and attending high school there.

This web site was designed for the purpose of sharing with the world our Cairo High School as we knew and loved it then. I hope you enjoy your "walk down memory lane" and leave with a sense of enchantment.

Yours truly,

Vicki Barnett Toler,'67


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The Official Web Site for Cairo High School Alumni From The "1960's"

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